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What is O&O Academy?

A School for Transformation

pic O&O Academy is founded by two generations of spiritual leaders. Sri Amma Bhagavan who are renowned world over as Avatars and their son and daughter in law Krishnaji & Preethaji who are recognized as modern philosopher sages, have come together to create this magnificent school for transformation of consciousness.

Sri Amma Bhagavan created Oneness University as a way of transformation through the power of the divine and Krishnaji & Preethaji created One World Academy as a way to transformation through the power of consciousness. O&O is a coming together of both these powers. At O&O Academy Seekers undertake a profoundly transforming inward journey from living in 'i-consciousness' to 'one consciousness'. As one evolves on this path of Awakening, life overflows with abundance, possibilities become realities, relationships are built with love, and organizations are directed by a spiritual vision. The Seeker's journey culminates in becoming a Philosopher Teacher who serves as guiding light to the world.

In addition to offering Oneness Deeksha or the Oneness Blessing, Golden Orb Deeksha, and Prana Deeksha; the Academy offers a variety of courses and events such as the Sacred Chambers Process, Oneness Meditation, Oneness Awakening Course - to become a Deeksha Giver, and more to meet the various needs of our community.

What is Oneness Deeksha?

A transfer of Source, Divine energies or Grace to awaken and transform us to our natural state of Oneness...

O&O Academy offers three forms of Deeksha: Oneness Deeksha or Oneness Blessing, Golden Orb Deeksha, and Prana Deeksha. These are a transfer of powerful Source energies that initiates a journey into higher states of consciousness. It is non-denominational and for people of all faiths and beliefs. The Deeksha is believed to affect the different lobes of the physical brain, thereby reducing stress levels and intensifying the levels of love, joy and awareness.

Millions across the globe testify to the calming of the mind, flowering of the heart, and awakening effects of the Oneness Deeksha, which is now gaining recognition as one of the easiest and most effective approaches to enriching human consciousness.

Come and experience it for yourself as hundreds in Asheville already have!