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The 64 Deeksha Process

This is an powerful process that will shift your consciousness!

What is the 64 Deeksha Process for Deeksha Givers?

A powerful group process to push us into high states of consciousness.

roses This is a special process that Sri Bhagavan wanted groups of Deeksha Givers to undergo throughout the year of 2012 and beyond. This process of receiving 64 Deekshas is performed in silence for the entire period and the intent is to propel us into very high states of consciousness.

Because of the nature of these intense processes, this process will only be offered to Deeksha Givers and must be conducted by Oneness Trainers.

There is no charge for these events other than a contribution towards the space we use as applicable.

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64 Deeksha Process in the Asheville Area

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