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Local Sri Amma Bhagavan Sacred Chambers Events

Come experience this powerful phenomenon to come into direct contact with your Divine to help you with your health, wealth, relationships, and to solve any worldly or spiritual problems!

What are the Sri Amma Bhagavan Sacred Chambers?

What is the Oneness Sacred Chambers? The Sri Amma Bhagavan Sacred Chambers are a phenomenon that emerged in December 2013 from Oneness University. Sri Amma Bhagavan Sacred Chambers are physical locations where special rooms or Chambers have been dedicated to allow people to directly connect with Divine Consciousness and their personal Divine. If you are a Christian, then Jesus or the Virgin Mary may be connecting with you. If Buddhist, then Buddha or Maitreya. Like that, your form of the Divine will connect with you to provide healing, spiritual growth, and fulfillment of desires. The Sacred Chambers are comprised of rooms or Chambers.

Each Sacred Chamber facilitator now has the freedom to setup their Chambers as they wish to. So you may have locations with 1, 2, or 3 Chambers. But no matter what the configuration, you will have a powerful experience of Divine Consciousness and Grace.

The first Chamber is where, as a group, you will be led through processes to prepare you for interacting with your Divine. The subsequent Chamber or Chambers are where you will have your personal time to connect with your Divine. You go in by yourself to subsequent Chambers. The Sacred Chambers are where you can get help in fulfilling all your physical, mental, and spiritual desires. This is a very sacred and special process. People will come as a group, and all will stay until everyone is finished.

As of May 20th, 2015. All Sri Amma Bhagavan Sacred Chambers can help people in all ways. There are no more specialities of Chambers.

The Sri Amma Bhagavan Sacred Chambers process is offered completely free of charge for everyone!

Sri Amma Bhagavan Sacred Chambers Contact Information

Sri Amma Bhagavan Sacred Chambers at Sheldon & Kathi Butler's Home.
Contact Kathi or Sheldon at for further information.
To sign up for an appointment for the Sri Amma Bhagavan Sacred Chambers at the Butler's - Register Here...


Sri Amma Bhagavan Sacred Chambers at Gail Hagenbuch's Home.
Contact Gail at 828 707-5717 for further information.