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Local Oneness Awakening Courses

Become a Oneness Deeksha Giver.

What is the Oneness Awakening Course?

A Powerful Weekend of Oneness Teachings, Processes, and Deep Personal Experience Culminating in Initiation to be a Deeksha Giver.

roses The two day Oneness Awakening Course is for those who have a passion to share this phenomenon of Deeksha with others and who are interested in quickly gaining a deeper understanding and experience of the process of growth towards Oneness. The course is taught by Oneness Trainers and includes teachings, discussions, and exercises to help establish an intimate, personal relationship with the Divine, improve relationships, reveal the formula for success in inner and outer life, and enhance personal growth in consciousness.

Once a participant goes through the Oneness Awakening Course, they are initiated as a Oneness Deeksha Giver, and will be shown how to give Deeksha to others.

Participants must attend both days. The course fee for the Oneness Awakening Course is $195. Each Course listed will have a Contact for you to get further details. Existing Deeksha Givers should call or email the Contact to get your cost.

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